About Me

Hi there! My name is Rodrigo Dana Bozza, and I came from the future… No, just kidding, but now that I got your attention:

My career
I’m an IT Professional with 10+ years of experience supporting corporate applications. My current role is Business Applications Specialist, which means I use my knowledge about different tools and technologies to integrate all the different combinations of software that companies may have and make them work together in the best way possible – adjusting, integrating, upgrading or even replacing some of them. I’m usually the person sitting between the management and the technical teams, making sure they eventually understand each other. I like to think of my work as if it was an orchestra that I have to conduct, but some of the instruments have been just released and I need to first learn to teach people how to play it, some are too old and have broken pieces which got no replacement available but need to keep playing, few are not even real musical instruments but people insist on sticking with them, each of the musicians are from different alien species and speak different languages and also the floor is lava and all instruments are on fire. Well, maybe I got carried away a bit, but – trust me – once the music plays, it’s beautifully!

A little more on my work technical background
I got some experience with Ariba and SAP: I was the technical lead for the world’s first project implementation of Ariba Procurement Content (APC) and SAP ECC. Worked for two years as SAP Security, dedicated to design complex sets of roles and permissions. Provided few years of 2nd & 3rd level support to a large scale on-premise instance of Ariba Buyer & Source (plus their integrations into various SAP modules), mostly managing an e-Auction and T&E solution which provided bookings on payments to banks and credit card companies. Also got experience implementing and supporting different IT ticketing systems such as BMC Remedy/ITSM, ServiceNow, Omnitracker and Jira Service Desk, not only to IT organizations but also customizing and adjust the tools to accommodate process from other areas such as HR, Finance and Legal. Worked in a major rollout of Slack to a company globally, developing custom processes for apps integrations and external guest management that became a role model to the product vendor, directly affecting decisions on product roadmap. Lastly, but not least, my current focus is on providing support to a big portfolio of tools for an R&D organization: Confluence, Jira, GitLab, Jelllyfish, Lucidchart and any other tool our developers dream of, which I’m responsible for implementation, integrations, fixes/upgrades, customizations and also for the continuous license management.

Work is not everything…
Besides my IT job, another big passion of mine is theater. I’m an actor since I was 6 years old and have participated in a countless number of plays and performances, both in amateur and professional scene. I’ve taken all sorts of theater classes and performed in different languages (PT, ES and EN). From this passion, in partnership with a friend, came the opportunity to create a project called Boqueirão Cultural Center(CCB), a philanthropic organization dedicated to bring art & culture closer to people in need living in poor communities around the neighborhood I was raised. I’m no longer actively participating in CCB but still proudly follow their accomplishments: producing awarded content and promoting professional performances of music, dance and theater to more than 10 thousand people every year.

Wait, there’s more!
I’m also big fan of topics such as cooking, traveling, mobile technology, aerospace industry and game development (I even took graduated studies on that). Want to talk about some of these? Let’s have a coffee or two!! :)
You can message me via LinkedIn, E-mail or, if you prefer, via this contact form (pretend we are in the early 2000’s).